Outdoor Holiday Arrangement

Last December we went to a outdoor holiday market and saw these wonderful outdoor arrangements made from all sorts of greenery.  As we continued to walk the market, John said,  ” we could make one from all the trees and scrubs we have in our yard and it wouldn’t cost hardly anything.”  When we got home we decided what to use and got started.

Christmas pot 9

Here is a short tutorial showing how easy and inexpensive this project is.

We had several sets of ceramic pots in our garage that we use in the summer.  I chose the pair that seemed like the perfect size, they just happened to be red.  I purchased two oasis bricks on sale, at the local craft store. ($3.92)

Christmas pot 1

The pots were pretty deep so I placed an empty #10, can upside down in each pot.  The can plus the oasis were the perfect height to start inserting the cuttings.  I did have to trim the corners just a bit for a nice tight fit.

Christmas pot 3

John started cutting and I started arranging.  I wanted things as fresh as possible.  It was cold enough that I didn’t need to worry about water, but if you live in a warmer climate you might want to soak the oasis before beginning.

Christmas pot 4

The first layer was cuttings from the Weepy Alaska Cedar.  They were long and draped over the edge of the pot and basically covered the oasis.  Next came cuttings from a short needled pine and holly stems.  We wanted some different texture, color and height.  When our Dogwood scrub looses it’s leaves it leaves a beautiful red stick like stem.  Perfect!

Christmas pot 5

More texture, more color!  I had purchased some scented pine cones, a nice rusty brown and a fun texture addition.  While at the grocery store we saw some peppermint candy lights on sale ($5.99) and thought they would be a festive addition to our Outdoor Holiday Arrangement.  They also added a little whimsy.

Christmas pot 7

Look around your yard this holiday season and see what beautiful arrangement you can make with what you already have on hand and a couple of small purchases.  For a little over $20.00 We made two of these beautiful arrangement that lasted into the first part of February.

I loved how ours looked on each side of our front door so much that I’m going to do it again this Christmas.  Maybe I’ll try some different trees this time.

Christmas pot 8


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