Potion Bottles


I had a crazy thought on New Years Eve – Halloween Potion Bottles. I know crazy lady. What can I say? I was tired.

But look how it turned out. Pretty Great!

So… after I made a note in my calendar (didn’t want my tired brain to forget) I went to Pinterest.

I didn’t find as much and I thought I would, but enough to help me get some ideas. Now wear to find my bottles. At first I thought about saving empty condiment bottles like mustard, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce. But after I had a small collection I didn’t even think paint could make them look like anything but painted condiment jars. Not the look I was going for.

Craft store here we come.

No luck. They didn’t have anything that looked like a potion bottles and besides the price wasn’t right.

Then my parents invited me to the Flea Market.



 Look aren’t they perfect potion bottles.

And the best part….cheap. I fell in love with the flea market – so many great finds. I’ll need to write more on that later…but Joanna Gains here I come.


As usual I got so excited about my project I forgot to take pictures. Needless to say I used spray paint – sometimes layering to different colors and then lightly sanding off the top layer of paint. This helped get the old slightly creepy look I was going for. I also used a dry bush technique to add some antique look.  I found my potion labels at World Label.  I used simple double-sided tape to attach them to my bottles. Then there was some Halloween stencils, craft raffia, jut, and finished off with some decor spiderwebs.


Hope you enjoy!



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