Free Felt Bunny Pattern

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We are having fun sharing patterns for free with you. This Free Felt Easter Bunny Pattern is like a blast from the past but always fun and easy to make.. It’s that time of year when we start to get Spring fever. I like the colors of Spring. So out come the pastel Easter colors. We enjoy making fun décor items out of felt. So for March we are sharing our Free Felt Easter Bunny Pattern. A great mom and kids craft. With Spring comes thoughts of Easter.

Materials needed to make one Bunny

2 –  9″ X 12″ felt squares 

2 – 1/2 ” white pompoms

1 – 7 mm pink pompom

2 – 12 mm wiggle eyes

1 – 20″ piece of ribbon

Erasable pen  (Frixion by Pilot irons off)

Other needed Items

Pinking shears or other sharp scissors

Fabric glue or hot glue


Sewing machine



Assembly Instructions

Place the felt squares on top of each other.  Trace the pattern on the top using an erasable pen.  Cut along the traced line. Pin together and cut through both thicknesses at the same time.  Cutting the two thicknesses at once makes them match perfectly and is easier to sew or glue in together. Glue or sew about 1/4″ from the edges  leaving the space between the ears open 
(I like to sew mine together, but I don’t have little children that help me). 

The Finish

Glue eyes and pompoms in place. Fill with your favorite Easter Candy through the opening between the ears but don’t east to much while your at it. Our favorite is Starburst Jelly beans. Tie the piece of ribbon around the base of the ears so the opening closes the and gives the bunny shape and character. Because they are so quick and easy to make, several. Fill a basket for decoration.

We have a family get together every month. On the holidays we decorate the table usually with edible confetti but sometimes we make table favors instead. Bunny is too big , shrink the pattern so you have smaller bunnies. Make several to place in a basket so you can surprise your party or dinner guest with these cute favors.

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