Free Felt Heart Ornament Pattern

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April’s free pattern is here. I hope this Free Felt Heart Ornament Pattern might give you some inspiration for a possible fun Mother’s Day gift. I just love little pillows. They seem to give new texture to those little spots. They can hang or just be set just about anywhere. This Felt Heart Ornament is easy to make so let’s get started.


1 Felt square–your color choice

1 Felt square, white

White embroidery floss

Embroidery floss to match your color felt

7–#6 Round seed beads

Poly fiberfil

Some other items you might need; Scissors, Erasable pen

Felt Heart Ornament Instructions

Download your free pattern

Trace and cut out all pattern pieces. Make sure to cut out 2 big hearts.

Cut the inner heart out of the pattern. Use it and an erasable pen ( Frixion Clicker) to mark an inner heart and the French knots.

French knots seemed to pull through easily so I found that 6 strands of white embroidery floss worked best.

Place both flowers in the center of the heart as shown on the pattern. Mark the embroidery lines on the flowers so the lines will match each other.

Lift the colored flower off and extend the lines toward the center. You don’t want the ends to show if the flowers happen to shift while sewing.

Using 3 strands of colored floss and a single long stitch, stitch the white flower to the heart. Now stitch the colored flower the same way using white floss. When you have finished stitching, iron the marks away.

With 2 strands of white embroidery floss stitch the center circle on at the same time you stitch the 7- #6 round seed beads on.


Place finished heart right side up on the back piece. Stitch the edges together with the blanket stitch using your sewing machine or by hand. Leave a 1 1/2 ” section open so you can stuff it. Stuff lightly with poly fiber fill. Now stitch closed continuing the blanket stitch.

Here is a fun way to make a hanger so you don’t have to use ribbon. Cut 3 lengths of colored embroidery floss 14″ long. Thread one onto a needle and pass it through the top of the heart. Remove the needle and pull the ends so they are even. Repeat to add the other 2 lengths. Place a straight pin on the back and wrap the back treads around it to hold in place. Turn the ornament over so the strands are facing you and place a book on it. This will hold it in place. Now braid the three strands together. When you reach the end knot it and trim the ends. Turn the ornament over and repeat with the back strands. Tie in a bow. It is ready to hang.

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  1. Adorable, I must say you are hands down the most talented arts and crafts go to person I know. You always bring us ideas and instructions to make something fun and impressive

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