I Did it, I Finished Another UFO

Earlier this Spring I rearranged my sewing room. It needed a better flow with all the equipment that I have. During this process I found several UFO’s (unfinished objects) which were taking up valuable shelf space. So I made it my goal to complete as many as possible this year. Preferably all of them. But I did it, I finished another UFO. This beautiful quilt. think it is the oldest one.

The name of this quilt is “Flower Boxes”. I have to admit that when as I started my thoughts were how hard it was going to be. Once I read the pattern ha, a piece of cake.

The Process

I purchased the fabric as a kit and having done that many years ago I had to sort through all the 30 something different fabrics to even begin cutting. Putting together the blocks with that many colors and wanting that random look took a little work. The blocks are all the same making it necessary to lay out all the blocks on the bed so I didn’t have the same fabrics touching each other and to make sure the layout was correct. Although I think there are a couple of places the same fabrics touch.

To process was fun after I got going and couldn’t’ wait to get it on the longarm to quilt.


Onto the longarm machine to get quilted. It is quilted with an allover floral and swirls design that doesn’t distract the eye from the floral design of the quilt.

I am always amazed at how much each step of the process makes a quilt more beautiful.

The Final Step

The final finishing step is the binding. The fabric kit came with the binding fabric included. I love that final framing that the binding gives a quilt. I sew it on the front of the quilt with the sewing machine and hand stitch it on the back. Personally it think that hand stitched binding gives a more professional look.

Mission accomplished another UFO finished.

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