A Tribute to My Mom

My dear mother passed away in June of 2021. Her legacy was her great generosity. Although she never recognized that fact. She grew up during the depression where she learned to ” Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” and also that idle hands are the Devil’s playground. So I would like to write this blog post as a tribute to my mom.

As a result of her up bringing, my mother was always doing something with her hands. She taught more than just my sister and I how to sew, embroidery, crochet, knit, quilt, etc. you name it we probably tired it.

She was also always giving in some way. Her time (1,000’s of hours volunteering a the local hospital), something she made or baked goods. She taught us, her 5 children, by example to do the same. But as she got older she started comparing herself others. She read about ladies who had donated numerous quilts to different charities. Believe me she made and gave away many, many quilts. When her sight and arthritic hands would no longer allow her to quilt (she hand quilted), she made 100’s of hats on her yarn hook loom to donate. Her yarn stash was always running low.

My mother also had an addiction to fabric. She belonged to a club where she received a packet of fabric monthly. More than once she said “I should quit but I’m too nosey.” When I would visit she would always send me home with some fabric. At one visit she sent me home with an overflowing box of flannel pieces in various sizes. After she passed away my sister, sisters-in-law and I went through all her fabric collecting even more. Not just flannel. On a side note, she always threatened to haunt us if we through any away.

My Tribute

As my tribute to this legacy I decided to make and donate quilts using her flannel fabrics. I want to make as many as I possibly can. I asked a friend who works in the foster care system if they could use them and she said yes. When I asked what size would be best, I was told twin size is be best they don’t place many babies. My husband has been a great help with cutting and piecing. We try to make them with somewhat compatible fabrics so the fabrics themselves sort of dictate the size. We have donated 5 quilts with 1 more finished and 2 tops ready to quilt. I think she would be happy to know that she is still giving.

The Next Generation

I have a granddaughter who is getting into the act as well. She has a project for school that requires so many hours of community service. She has chosen to make a baby quilt and guess what? Her mother found some of great-grandma’s fabric to use. It is now ready to quilt.

So far I’m staying with flannel fabrics but who knows what the future will bring. I have a lot more fabric.

Thanks mom for teaching me.

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  1. Can you please sale me a paper pattern of the Noah’s Ark baby quilt pattern. I don’t know how to do the downloads or have the computer to do it on. If you could help me I would be very great full to you. Thanks

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