Princess Birthday Cake

We had another birthday in our family this week. Can you tell what the theme was? When Emma told me she wanted a princess cake I went to Pinterest for ideas. There are tons of princess cakes to look at, but most require a higher skill level than I possess. One thing most of the cakes had in common were ice cream cone towers, some more elaborate than others but they do make a cute castle.  So, I used ice cream cone towers to make a pink castle. I wanted to add a princess somehow so off to  Zurchers I went to find a cute cake topper. I only found Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell.The pink castle idea didn’t really work for either of them – on to plan “B”. I didn’t have a plan “B”. I stood in the girl party aisle trying to think while my kids ran up and down the aisle. I found the cute princess cutouts in a package of confetti, perfect. I taped on a toothpicks and we had princess cake. Now if getting the balloons had been that easy. We experienced helium shortage first hand, but we did find balloons.

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