Bugs Needed a Home

My kids love playing with their pipe cleaner bugs. They fly and crawl them all over the house, but the other day Tyler said, “Mom, they (the bugs) need a place to live.” I was stumped. What had I started? So again we went to the craft box. Which I might add is in desperate need of a trip to the craft store. I had to find something that would pass for a house for creepy, but cute bugs. I found my felt stash and and went to work.

So again I pulled out the glue gun and scissors. First I had to make a flannel board.All you need isĀ  piece of cardboard, batting, and flannel .

Center the cardboard on the batting and start gluing. Make sure to pull the batting tight.

Then do the same with the flannel. Turn it over and you have a flannel board.

I asked my kids where, caterpillars, butterflies, and dragonflies live. This is what we came up with: apple tree, cloud, flowers, pond and lily pads.

Now the bugs have a place to live.

Happy crafting!


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