Christmas in July, Free Felt Santa Pattern

In this extremely hot summer why not think of cooler time to come. Why not Christmas in July. This month we have a Christmas in July, Free Felt Santa Pattern. We love the holidays! And we really love making gifts so our kids can get involved in the fun. Santa has a slit in the back so he can be filled with holiday candy. It is the perfect craft for kids to make gifts for friends or teachers. It also works great as an ornament on the tree or with a place card at Christmas dinner. The kid friendly way to make Santa is to glue the edges. But the fastest way to make his is to stitch him together (for us big kids).


2 red felt squares 1 white felt square 1 black felt square
Small scrap of green felt 2- 3/8″ Black pompoms 1-5/8″red pompoms
1-5/8″white pompoms
1 red sequin or small red button
Hot glue or fabric glue Candy enough to fill Santa Pattern


Use the pattern to cut out felt pieces. Cut the slit in the back piece and lay flat on table. Glue straight sides of hands, thumbs up, 1/4″ along the sides of the back so the center of the hand is even with the slit.

Center and glue straight sides of the boots along the bottom edge of Santa’s front. Leave 1/4″ in between.

Place the front and back pieces matching the top and sides. Make sure that his hands and feet are in between the front and back. Glue sides together just past the hands. Using the picture below, pin and glue the bottom piece to the edges of the front and back, forming a flat bottom for him to sit. (If sewing use 1/4″ seams on all edges).

Turn over. Use photo to glue beard, mustache, pompoms and sequin in place.

Santa is ready to be filled with your favorite wrapped candy. He will bring a smile to whomever he is given to.

Hint: for fabric glue allow 24 hour drying time before adding candy

Enjoy our Christmas in July, Free Felt Santa Pattern. It is timeless. We have used it off and on for many years.

This pattern, like all our felt crafts are great crafts for kids of all ages.

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